Youth Labor Camp based ecosettlements 'Kovcheg'. 2017.
Ecovillage KOVCHEG
Ecovillage "Kovcheg" (Russia, 140 km SW from Moscow)

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12-th Youth Labor Camp. Eco-settlement "Kovcheg".
Kaluga region, Maloyaroslavets District.
15-27 July 2020.

Русская версия

Purpose: to create a single circle of communication for our youth, the formation of the image the future and spreading ideas family estate.

Date: 15-27 July 2020 (2 weeks).

Age: 18 to 27.

The application is attached, filled, viewed.

Number of participants - no more than 15 people.

Camp organizers will try to make your stay in it as much as possible fun and interesting, but:

Its members are requirements concerning the conduct of the whole two-week period, namely the observance of common rules for staying on territory ecosettlements "Kovcheg" and regulations of the camp.

    Day schedule:
  • 07.00-08.00 - Lifting, gymnastics, water treatment
  • 08.00-08.30 - Breakfast
  • 08.30-13.00 - Work
  • 13.00-15.30 - Lunch and rest
  • 15.30-19.00 - Cognitive part, leisure
  • 19.00-19.30 - Dinner
  • 20.00-22.00 - Music, dance, volleyball, soccer
  • 22.00-23.00 - Bonfire night circle, summing up the day and wishes for the next day.
  • 23.00 - Sleep

Work will be cognitive element - the arrangement of the camp, part in construction, work in the nursery trees and shrubs, clearing and felling ekotropy arrangement.

Cognitive part will consist of lectures on diverse topics, such as ecology, natural beekeeping, organic farming, folk traditions, the global economy, device and equipment repairs, etc. and a workshop on a variety of trades and crafts.

Stay in the camp is free, except for spending on products (approximately 350 rubles per day). If someone Syroyid - to write about and discuss the preparation for syroedcheskogo menu. The camp will be organized on duty independent cooking and keeping the camp clean and order.

Get yourself or 250 rubles, will cost delivery of the station City Maloyaroslavets to the camp and the same back.

Accommodation in tents. Sleeping bag and tent to bring with you.

Campsite is equipped with stationary and includes (except tents): big tent for meals, classes and lectures, a kitchen with stove, restrooms, soccer and volleyball, sports field and all that need to continue.

Planned to build arbors, kitchen, construction of spring and the inner space camp. Construction, planting, and other matters will be held jointly with residents ecosettlements. In the third shift try to maintain and improve a beautiful, comfortable, bright living spaces for the following members.

Application for participation in the camp be sent to:

    Cognitive part

  1. A practice of building in ecosettlements "KOVCHEG.
  2. Experience the natural approach in the bee business.
  3. Our experience in agriculture.
  4. Story about the forest, walk on ekotrope.
  5. Fundamentals of acting.
  6. Basics of acrobatics.
  7. Construction of log buildings on the old technology.
  8. Stoves.
  9. Shaped thought on the feelings and emotions.
  10. Fundamentals of hiking and boating.
  11. Knot, scuba diving.
  12. Observations of the Moon and planets through a telescope.
  13. The story of the Great Patriotic War.
  14. Working in the carpentry workshop.
  15. Our school is in ecosettlements.
  16. Story about birds.
  17. Music in the life settlement.
  18. Gardening.
  19. Embroidery.
  20. Sewing national clothes.
  21. Construction and repair of equipment.
  22. How to choose a place in the pond?
  23. Introduction to horses, care and training.
  24. Experience in organizing the nursery.
  25. Birth and childhood in the family estate.
  26. Crafts:
    • Products made of birch Kovcheg.
    • Pottery.
    • Burning, clay modeling, painting.
    • Felting, making wool.
    • Making traditional dolls.
    • Woodcarving.
    • Carving ax.
  27. Excursions in the family estate.
  28. Make a movie.
  29. Fire-fighting, and practice.
  30. Folk Doll.
  31. Mountain.
  32. Traditions of baking homemade bread.
  33. Growing of vegetables in greenhouses, harvesting.
  34. Proper forest management.
  35. The story of photography.
  36. Gardening.
  37. The first calf in the settlement. Story, showing, feeding, feeling.


  1. Surname, first name.
  2. Date of birth in full.
  3. Place of residence.
  4. Do I need to meet at the station "Maloyaroslavets? Or you arrive by car?
  5. What kind of sports you enjoy?
  6. What can you do well?
  7. Have you already been in the Kovcheg?
  8. That of public equipment or tools can result in (ax, chain saw, chain saw, planer, kana, a large tent from the rain, trivet, basket, needle embroidery, wool for felting or something else)?
  9. Your contact phone and email address. How else can we contact you?
  10. What would you do with great pleasure? Arrange in order decrease:
      A. Construction of pavilions in the camp
      B. Seasonal work in the nursery
      C. Construction of ecological trails
      D. Clearance of felling in the forest
      E. Food Preparation (for campers)
      F. The unit beds, planting flowers and shrubs
      G. Making the camp beds Holzer
      H. All the same, just to work on
      I. Do any necessary settlement work
  11. From the list (37 themes) select 12 to those with whom you would like to meet.
  12. With the rules of conduct in the territory ecosettlements have read and agree to perform.

Signature ………………

    A list of personal equipment:
  • Passport or birth certificate
  • Sleeping bag
  • Mat
  • Bowl, spoon, mug, knife
  • Boots, shoes, sneakers - three types of shoes
  • Working clothes
  • Festive clothes, sure!
  • Removable clothing
  • Warm jacket
  • Toiletries + bath
  • Raincoat
  • Swimsuit or swimming trunks
  • Hat from the sun
  • Medical insurance policy
  • Medication if they need you
  • Work gloves
  • Tent
  • Desirable - Bike
  • Money 5000 rub. (meals without delivery)

Application for participation in the camp be sent to:

Ecovillage "Kovcheg"
Russia, 140 km SW from Moscow, Kaluga region.
Living Ecovillage with ~120 permanent residents far from roads.