Photo gallery of the “Kovcheg”
Некоммерческое партнёрство КОВЧЕГ
Ecovillage "Kovcheg" (Russia, 140 km SW from Moscow)

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About the pictures:

  • Please, using our pictures mark it as the ecovillage “Kovcheg”. Thank you. (Now our pictures use for illustration of the articles and websites about the ecovillages from Baltic region to The Far East. It is good but probably is not much correct).
  • Unfortunately, we show our pictures with the big delay. More than 120 persons live in the ecovillage now, and many pictures had been taken when 20-30 persons lived. Have in view, that the ecovillage is much different in appearance now. We will try to be more correct in the future. :-)

Updated pictures


Basically old pictures (expect of the first album):

Ecovillage "Kovcheg"
Russia, 140 km SW from Moscow, Kaluga region.
Living Ecovillage with ~120 permanent residents far from roads.