Photo gallery of the “Kovcheg”. Youth Labor Camp 2010.
Ecovillage KOVCHEG
Ecovillage "Kovcheg" (Russia, 140 km SW from Moscow)

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Youth Labor Camp - 2010

We are invite you
to Summer young camp!

15-27 July 2020

The common view of path to camp
It was shoot already at second half - path is tread out well. Guests were living in tents near the forest (You can`t see tents here, they are righter). Under this shed - they were having dinners

Joint photo
after concert on the opening camp

Master-class of manufacture native dolls
It was telling, what doll`s meaning, how to do it interesting, how to do it very simply

Concert for guests
We have many musicians and programmers. It`s a good ask - wherefore programmers in a village, but musicians are playing very wonderful. Concert grand occupies honourable place in the biggest room of Common house

Concert for guests
And one`s people had came to listen. :)

The first lesson of bee-keepering in bee-shed in apiary

Fedor is telling basic knowledge about bees - a life of bee-family in natural conditions, principles of natural beekeeping; demonstration of beehives.

Lesson of beekeeping - centrifuge for extract honey from honeycombs, beeswax plate, other inventory and its competant use. Beeframe.
The lesson is in new house for beekeeping.

Lesson of animal-breeding
Somebody has seen a goat at first time (so near :). However, goat was nice and all liked it.

Lesson of animal-breeding, уход for cow
This cow was born at the Day of Cosmonautics has very astronomical name "Nochka" (Nighty :)

Lesson of figurative mind
in feelings and fancies by gymnastics of Boyarshinov

Lesson of knotting is conducting by master of sport of international class of mountaineering
On horizon Pasha is seen, filming video. Maybe a film will making.

Lesson of manufacture trappings of birch bark
You can see steeps, special knifes and so on. It was telling refinements of work.

Lesson of photography with professional photographer

Jumping on trampoline

Trampoline - master-class of jumping

Youth are visiting with Sasha - a beautyful house, agreeable masters, charming place, lovely pond

Building of camp - Construction of oven - foundation
It`s not simple business - high-quality foundation

Building of camp - Construction of oven - foundation

Building of camp - Construction of oven - foundation
It`s important to equal, in order to make easier put first row of bricks.

Building of camp - Construction of oven - familiarization of not simple craftsmanship equal and accurate brickwork.
Necessary precision - smaller millimeter

Building of camp - Construction of oven - common plan
Everybody in buisness, many operations are doing in parallel. Preparation of mortar and fire-bricks, bricklaying at 4 hands, immediatly - washing of oven

Building of camp - Construction of oven - common plan
Master Sergey is telling about refinements of process bricklaying of nodal spots. Pasha in background is recording on video camera. :)

Building of camp - Construction of oven - final painting
Girls did it inventivly. :)

Building of camp - Construction of plait fence

Building of foundation for future shed in camp

Building of constant shed in camp - edging of lathing

Building of constant shed in camp

The common view of new oven and shed
You can see well furnace of cooking part, ash-pit and oven. In next year girls will get interesting experience of baking in oven (with greater comfort in case of raining and lesser consumption of firewood). :)

Labour deeds - arrangement eco-path around environs of the village
Oleg (in national shirt in center) - a man with forestry-technic education - had lead an excursion in forest with detailed popular story about stable biocenose of forest (and mass of its peculiarities). Also lads fastened path in needy places to walk there easy in spring and in autumn even along the slopes

Our women pleased youth vegetable shashlik (very tasty and without meat)

Ornament of camp - Liza

Ornament of camp - Olga

Ornament of camp - girls
On porch of Common house

After tasty dinner
In the background you can see board of camp, on which programs of nearest days and announcements were

Round dances - common view

Round dances

Round dances
Boys had brung embroidered shirts and were dolled up. :)

Round dances
You can see harmonist :)

Round dances (consolidating countries ;) - meeting eyes-to-eyes with next couple
Pere arrived from Spain, Olga - from Byelorussia

'TropinA' - girls

'TropinA' - boys

'TropinA' - dance

Plays were often in evenings, when it was not so warm. There were friend meetings, and Kovcheg lost youth with slashing score. We must training more! :)

By night - sings near the fireplace

Photo to mind

Updated pictures


Basically old pictures (expect of the first album):

Ecovillage "Kovcheg"
Russia, 140 km SW from Moscow, Kaluga region.
Living Ecovillage with ~120 permanent residents far from roads.